SRDS Vision July 2012

party music in the studio - 21st July 2012

music: "in between - 1st" performed by
Jakob Crash Man Mayrhofer & Philipp Wolf
recorded at the SRDS on 26th June 2012

a party night timelapse from the srds - space research and development studio - deutsch wagram from the night of the 21st to the 22nd July 2012.

performing musicians in alphabetic order:

  Bernhard Glatz
  Brandi Fux Steppenfuchs
  Jakob Crash Man Mayrhofer
  Julia Kastner
  Lisa Wagner
  Karina Seidl
  Markus Jimi Ivan
  Michael Amon
  Michael Egermeier
  Michael Svoboda
  Mona Wagner
  Monika Ritter
  Moritz Grandits
  Philipp Wolf
  Ronny Heller
  Rosa B. Nentwich-Boucha

video by Markus Jimi Iva