Outer Space Party

a galactic summerparty, 25th July 2015.


Special thanx to all visiting aliens, space cowboys, masters of the universe, coneheads, ewoks, trekkies, tribbles, princess Lea, the clingon, the culture-minister of Silbrionia, the Jedi, the 5th Element, Dr. Cornelius, princess Amidala, Zaphod Beeblebrox, Arthur Dent, the borg-queen and the borg-drone, Darth Vader, the stormtrooper, Gertie, E.T., the police box Tardis, r2d2, Superman, the tusken raider, the police, the milkyway, the bodypainted galaxy, the swing-pop-space'aroos, uncle Rudi and Marchfeld ab Hof who made this one unforgettable galactical night!


Music: Major Tom (völlig losgelöst) written by Peter Schilling,

new lyrics & performance by The Swingaroos &the Pocket Big Band,

camera by J.C. Rome & Jim,

cut by Markus Cpt. Jim Kirk Ivan @ SRDS Deutsch-Wagram 2015, don't panic!