diving in a glassbowl

jam session by CRÆSH - recorded at our SRDS

lyrics by Crash Man & Jimi

image "I'm a fish" by Daniel Straka


One of CRÆSH's early recorded jam-sessions (23.04.2009).

We didn't have any concept when we pressed the record button, except "diving!"


dive-clips from Brother Islands, Cocos Island, Sipadan, Tulamben, Aliwal Shoal, Protea Banks, Sodwana, Djibouti etc.

save the sharks!



I’m a fish in a big glass bowl

Feel so crazy and black, because its night

and I’m locked into this glass bowl

waiting for the sunshine to come - and a sweet gun,

makes fun, I’m a fish in a glass bowl


a big yellow fish in a glass bowl

there was a wale, a big wale in a glass bowl

a big wale in a glass bowl, (hahaha) in a glass bowl

I'm diving with a big wale in a class bowl


and sea horses and triggerfish, a titan triggerfish,

and all the sweet lips, angelfish, rabbit fish and the scorpions

and the sharks - of cause the sharks,

and all of a sudden there comes the dolphin

the dolphin fish - no, the wale fish, the shark fish

in a class bowl