Your Friend

written by Markus Jimi Ivan

performed 2013 by

Markus Jimi Ivan - acoustic guitar, vocals

Jakob Crash Man Mayrhofer - e-guitar

Belinda Bell Fritz - violin, background vocals

Edi Kadlec - accordeon

mixed and mastered by Mario Nentwich @ concrete studio, Göllersdorf

video 2014 by Markus Jimi Ivan @ SRDS Deutsch-Wagram


lyin' in deep grass - no clouds up in the sky

in your head is just happyness - and you smile cause you got wise

it took me some years now - just to find out

that not everyone's good for you - and to know what it's all about

who has always time for you - who reaches his hand

who ask's you when he's got a problem too - who else like your friend

you know him for ages now - you know that he knows

ev'ry good & bad thing 'bout you - your very best friend