Full House

written by Jakob Crash Man Mayrhofer

performed by

Jakob Crash Man Mayrhofer - vocals, guitar

Markus Jimi Ivan - harp, bass

Bernhard Phil Schneider - keyboard

Christian Pro Prossenitsch - drums

recorded and mastered  by Mario Nentwich @ concrete studio, Göllersdorf, 2015,

video by Markus Jimi Ivan @ srds Deutsch-Wagram, 2015



I'm in the middle of a full house - but I feel so (lonesome and) blue

I sing the song for the people who feel the same way that I do


The blues is big, like Moby Dick

I love my babe from the heels to the cheek


The blues is my companion all night long

I need a fuck to get out of here - so I'll get it - don't forget it