song of the bear

@ Bach, Wien, 4. Dezember 2010

written by Crash Man (music & lyrics),

dedicated to the bears of Arbesbach and Stefan 


performed at Edelbrand-Records-Party,
filmed by Ingeborg, Dani & Dani

I recognize the beauty in the ice and the breeze behind my neck

I love the trees and the bees, honeymoon across the spoon

Its my desire too hug the spirit, it’s the part of the game

All those beautiful sounds of earth make me free

It doesn’t matter, just a stranger, I’m the big bear, what’s the danger?


People rambling high up the mountains to wait for Nirvana

A big rubbish heap along the trail is your arrogant attribute

I care about the bloody red snow, but I will forget it soon

Jesus and Buddha – they will save us, so drive me to the moon

The human is a killer, a self-destruction machine,

lost & lonely, blind & blue

See me jumping, see me strolling, I’m a happy nomad

Billy Boy shoots me down, with a cold laughter in his heart


Stop assumin’, just go on consuming, yeah -
You think you’re ready for the song of the bear?


See me running, hear me screaming, down by the end of the zoo

No time to loose, nothing to choose - tomorrow will never wait for you

The kids aren’t all right, if you kill the earth in the name of liberty

Is it beauty to be alive? On a planet with no diversity

What’s the danger? Mr. President. Are you angry? Don’t you understand?


See me running, see me screaming - out of the night

Billy Boy with his glory toy - kills me outside


Stop assumin’, just go on consuming, yeah -

You better listen to the song of the bear!

Stop assumin’, just go on consuming, yeah