@ bach, Wien, 4. Dezember 2010

written by Crash Man (music) & Jimi (lyrics),


performed at Edelbrand-Records-Party,
filmed by Ingeborg, animations by Dunst alias Daniel Straka



Walking on a sunny day checkin’ all the girls out

Chatting on a sunny day with all the pretty girls out

Laughing on a sunny day being a crazy girl-scout

Going on a sunny day and all the pretty girls shout

Looking around the next corner hope it’ll bring a real good time!


See her on a sunny day boy, she kicks my eyes out

Kiss her on a sunny day I’m lucky man, there’s no doubt

Feelings on a sunny day we know what all is about

Loving on a sunny day almost blows my mind out

I’ll remember the last corner I know it brought a real good time!